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This show was broadcast on: Fri 27 May at 11:00 UK

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Inside Story Radio Show

Celebrating Croydon's success stories in community, arts & biz.

Episode 4# Transforming Croydon

As Croydon bursts into a busy summer, we'll be finding out about some of the people and projects who are changing the way Croydon looks and feels - from the inside out.

Getting Croydon Dancing - Josi Kiss and Anusha Subramanyam talk to us about the forthcoming #BigDance event at Friends of Park Hill Park & Recreation Ground Croydon - http://parkhillpark.org.uk/

Transforming Croydon's environment - Laura Marchant-Short will be talking about the Crystal Palace Transition Town projects which are having a positive impact on our community. - www.crystalpalacetransition.org.uk

Freshening up Croydon - our resident spokesperson for young people, Shaniqua Benjamin reports back about what's fresh this month


This show is presented by: Katie Rose & Rob Wilson Jnr

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