The Creative Business Radio Show
A Creative Business Spotlight By Creative Business People. The show will feature:- -News of interest to all creative businesses. -Councilor Vidhi Mohan will be interviewed regarding the plans for the new investment in Croydon and its effect on creative business; -Interviews with creative business people with expertise in a variety of business areas. Photographer Louise May will be our guest on 22 August -news and reviews of the latest music as an ongoing feature, including a gig guide and news of other creative shows and activities. -any other creative business news and developments as it happens.
The Suburban Pirate Radio Show
Fridays at 2pm. New features: Harold and Raymond discuss Dr Dre, Andy Murray and his mother Mrs Murray, DHSS Lawrence..and more. A live Dub performance in the studio with Sly on the mic, Reggie at the controls and Stevo on everything else. A surreal narrative journey of soundscapes and musical collages with the voices of William Burroughs, Morrissey, Allen Ginsberg, Ian Dury and others. Live percsussion, keyboards,guitar,dub mixing,vocals,flute. A form of Gonzo Radio.
Beats n Bass
DJ Shabz has the musical formula that is guaranteed to get any party pumping. Joining Shabz this week is conscious rapper and original People's Army member Logic. Logic will be giving us all the details to his, soon to be released, Spectator album and the launch party to be held at the Jamm, Brixton on August 29th. Get in touch and let him know what you think. Contact: Twitter: Podcast: Soundcloud:
Bound in Music - Summer Grooves
New Releases Jungle - Self titled Debut Album Future Islands - Singles Album & I'll be playing the new Vince Clarke Remix of Doves (originally featured on the album) Listen to V.C.Remix here; More info on the band and album here; Technimatic -Debut- Desire Paths Other Highlights include; A classic from N.Z's Supergroove & Corrnershop(Cat Cat Mix) featured on Snap Yr Cookies album; N.B. As it's Summer holidays and I'll be tied up Friday I've snuck in to pre- record this show so you don't miss out! :) Twitter: @BoundinMusic