A Cellarful of Noise
A radio show full of new punky fuzz and old bouncy junk. On 'A Cellarful of Noise' you will hear the latest indie pop, (post) punk, anti-folk, and hip hop - as well as a distinguished and varied collection of older music, from reggae and rock and roll, to soul and psychedelia! http://www.facebook.com/acellarfulofnoise http://www.twitter.com/acellarfulof http://acellarfulofnoise.tumblr.com
If music be the food of love...
In a change to what was previously advertised, today sees the reveal of the no. 1 slot from the top 500 and i'll be starting a series on the Dutch band Golden Earring! Also a rarity from David Bowie! I'll also be talking to Ray Ansell from Croydon Marketing Clinic about how they want to help local businesses.
Pick & Mix: Music, News & Interviews
On today's show ... Adeel Shah, Tashfeen Zafar and Raza Ahmad will be in the studio to discuss the charitable work of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque within the Croydon community.
Teenage Kicks
Monthly themed show playing music from our teenage years. I'll be playing the music that someone with a link to the Croydon borough would have listened to.