Croydon Radio at Night
CR0BOT Tune-O-Matic
Enjoy our relaxing, chilled out playlist. Or better still, request a song and CR0BOT will play it for you...
Aussie Music Show
On this week's show I'll be playing a variety of new music from Australia.
Are we nearly there yet ? May Day
As it's May Day weekend I'll be sharing ideas to help you make the most of the extra long weekend. Whether you're looking for family events or a chance to relax there will be plenty to choose from. Join me for great music and family friendly fun.
From Croydon To Gallifrey
From Croydon To Gallifrey Once a month Steve and Janet bring you talk, interviews and music from every corner of the Galaxy....... This week we are reporting back from SCI-FI-LONDON 2016 were we attended the opening night party and movie "Capsule" http://sci-fi-london.com/ We will be talking to festival organiser Louis Savy via Skype live from the festival during the show.