It's only Tuesday
Because it's only Tuesday and there's a while to go until the weekend. Music, chat, ideas and stuff.
Live this week in Croydon
THE ANTIDOTE TO AUDIO WALLPAPER. Interviewing acts playing live in Croydon.
Croydon Press & Events
Join us, Alysha and Dawn every fortnight for the low down on what's going on in Croydon (and maybe even beyond!) We'll tell you the best events coming up in Croydon, review shows, restaurants, nightclubs, comedy nights, bands, books... You name it, we'll talk about it! Plus every show we chat to The Croydon Guardian, to get the low-down on what's being going on our way this week!
The Carers Show
On the Carers Show there will be something for everyone, an hour of lovely easy listening music, news and information on carers issues will be of particular interest to anyone who has ever been or is now a carer for a family member or friend. I invite you to send in your requests and dedications for tunes. There are so many support groups and charities in Croydon and nationwide giving practical and legal advice and emotional support and I will be interviewing people from these organisations, benifits agencies, life coaches and therapists, I can also signpost you to organisations relevent to your personal circumstances. Being a carer at times in our lives can be very isolating, no need to be any more on a Wednesday lunchtime tune into the Carers Show at Croydon Radio.