The Saturday Show: Spiritualism and Choirs
Saturday afternoon’s most entertaining show is back. This week we take a step back from all the zaniness of the usual Saturday Show, we take a deep breath and welcome two of our most spiritual groups of guest to ever grace the Croydon Radio Studios. First up is Alan Seymour, Vice President of the Croydon Spiritualist Church. Alan has recently published a book called 'A Wonderful Spiritual Journey' about his 24 year development as a trance medium. He will be in the studio to talk about this, along with Spiritualist Churches, and getting in contact with your spirit guide. We will also be joined by members of the Croydon Minster, who runs an extensive choral program of boy and girl choristers and semi-professional adults.They will be talking about the intense vocal training of young children in the Croydon area to be able to cope with high profile cathedral music. With music, news and a look at the craziest goings on around the internet, it’s The Saturday Show, live every Saturday afternoon 4-6pm.
Eclectic Avenue
SATURDAY 6-8pm: Eclectic Avenue A weekly 2 hour show. Featuring a wide range of music, both old and new, plus a special feature each week on bands/singers that have lived/studied in the Croydon borough.
The Trev & Ben Show
Join us every Sunday from 9am - 11am for two hours of two blokes making it up as they go along and waffling on about whatever comes into their heads, and when we run out of stuff to say, we'll bang on a top tune. We are your two mates in the pub and we want you to join the conversation, get in touch on the shout box, via twitter @TrevandBen or Facebook. Welcome to our world!!
IceStation 58
A programme of contemporary Icelandic music (and music from the Faroes) including in this programme tracks from Björk, Hjaltalín, Islandia, Kiss the Coyote, Mono Town, Sindri Eldon, Slowblow, Toggi, Vedis Hervor Arnadottir, Volcano Victims and Greta Svabo Bech with the Bloody Beetroots