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Made In Croydon - Monkey Magic
It's a New Moon, it's a Fiery Monkey starting a Chinese New Year and the Croydon Pheonix has flown the nest. Exciting times for creative communities to get together and make things happen, solving problems & making new connections. There will be some monkey business in the age of Aquarius which should be taken with good humour. The 40th Flashback continues and there's a birthday of note to be had too...
It's only Tuesday
Because it's only Tuesday and there's a while to go until the weekend. Music, chat, ideas and stuff.
The Sixties Hour Beach Boys Classics and Rarities
The Sixties Hour Beach Boys Classics and Rarities To banish away the February blues, I thought I would devote an hour to the sunshine sounds of the Beach Boys. Going through the Harley vaults over the weekend I have managed to turn up some great forgotten B sides like Let Him Run Wild; Different versions of classics like God Only Knows; great early ballads like Keep an Eye on Summer from Shut Down Volume 2; and great LP tracks you may not have heard before like Anna Lee, The Healer off the underated ‘Friends’ album So feel free to wear put on your baggies and Huarachi sandals too and wax down your surf board as we bring you a great blend of surf, sunshine, brilliant ballads a sprinkling of pyschedelia, rock and soul music which is of course the Beach Boys on the Sixties Hour. Listen live at 12 noon this Tuesday 9th February or catch this show and all my past shows on the podcast