We Love New Music!
JazzBeat - featuring Josephine Arthur
Welcome to JazzBeat - the show all about swing, ballads with the emphasis on jazz. Featuring artists and musicians from the golden era and those who are bringing the genre alive today. On Thursday 3 September we welcome jazz vocalist Josephine Arthur. With a debut release, Break Free, she will be telling us about her inspirations and some brilliant London performances. Plus even more music to keep you jazz happy as autumn arrives. Join us!
Chai Time
Chai Time with 3 bros of Croydon Radio, Ambo, Amish & Prit. The show takes you on a journey of British Asian culture through the only way they know best - MUSIC! From the new and old Bollywood songs & bhangra beats through to UK bred asian fusion, and top urban tracks. They also like to throw in interviews, film reviews, and it just wouldn't right with out Ambo's Magic Mashup - a 10-15 minute live mix. Individually, the three brothers have their differences, but the magic really happens when they join forces - this has created their brainchild, Chai Time. It's their brotherly dynamic and their normal light hearted jokes and banter, that make you feel as though you're chilling in their lounge joining with a cuppa chai. As they come from a 2nd generation British Asian upbringing, they appeal to a wide audience, from all cultures & backgrounds. So why not join them with a nice hot cuppa chai, tea, coffee or anything you fancy. Chai Time is broadcast live every fornightly Thursday from 6-8pm on Croydon Radio. Search for Croydon Radio on the TuneIn Radio App Subscribe & download the podcast via the iTunes Podcast App
Music Heals the Soul
My passion is Music, any kind of music, it heals the soul it can make you smile or cry and even make you want to get up and dance and my show is going to cater to all.
Unlyshed: The Terrible Twosome...
It's a Thursday evening. It's after work. That basically means it's Friday. Which basically means it's the weekend. Right? Well that's my logic, and I'm always right. A perfect excuse to play some ace music and get excited for the weekend. And why not? Tonight my little brother and sister, Jack and Penny are on the show, choosing some songs and inevitably putting me out of a job!! Remember YOLO is just the cool kids way of saying Carpe Diem.