Reviews From The Outer Rim
Welcome to Reviews From The Outer Rim; the home of Croydon cult cinema. In honour of the release of 'Dawn Of the Planet of the Apes', we'll be having a discussion on the 'Apes' franchise. Special guest from 'Pop Cultural Podcast', Stewart Powell. At Reviews From The Outer Rim, our mission is to highlight challenging films in areas normally held in disrepute. We’re a discussion show for self-confessed horror, sci-fi and fantasy geeks dedicated to cinema and fandom. Conversations range from the intellectual to the trivial (mostly trivial), on new and old releases from the mainstream to the underground. With news, occasional interviews and lots of rants, Reviews From The Outer Rim is here to dissect the trash and treasures of cinema. Image from 'Planet of the Apes' (1968).
B-Music goes back to the old soul school
B-Music is more than just a music show. And this week sees us going back to the old school again and mixing in some Blues, Soul, Funk and R&B from the likes of Shakatak, Mantronix and Oliver Cheatham. So join me live in the forum or tune in via the station or your Itune App/ TuneIn apps and lets see just how old school we can go and turn this party for one in to a groove for all. You can also tweet me on @BonBonArmstrong
It's only Tuesday
Because it's only Tuesday and there's a while to go until the weekend. Music, chat, ideas and stuff.
Mature & Mellow
This is the show where the music is mature & mellow in age. this weeks theme is a all vintage rock & roll show , with well none artists and unknown artist. so get out those old winkle pickers and have a good bop